I am a "beader" living near Santa Cruz in the Monterey Bay Area of California. Being a "beader" means that I borrow from other sources for my creations. I would love to say that I make my own beads but for me, half the fun is in the finding. My creations start with "artists' beads" (one-of-a-kind lampwork or polymer beads purchased directly from the artist) which I then enhance with various other beads I have collected (semi-precious stones, pearls, vintage beads and crystals).

I love color and drama (and a little sparkle) and my work reflects this. Someone once said that my pieces are flamboyant, like me. I didn't particularly like that description but when I thought of adjectives I would use to describe myself, I found they also described my work: colorful, fun, outgoing, happy and occasionally dramatic, playful or whimsical.

In addition to working with lampwork and polymer focal pieces, I have discovered the wonderfully colorful and sparkly world of crystal. I work mostly with Swarovski crystal (Austrian) but also with Czech crystal. I love to combine 2 or 3 colors together for dramatic bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even anklets.

And for those of you sports fans or school supporters who are looking feminine jewelry, I love making custom pieces (mostly Swarovski crystal - although I'll use other materials to get the colors right) in sports or school colors.

So thanks so much for visiting my site!

Barbara Indra