For those of you who want to see my work in person, here are some places and times that you can do that:

Craft Shows:
None scheduled at this time.

Home Shows:
None scheduled at this time although I'm planning a show at my home in late May or early June 2004. If you are in the Santa Cruz area and would be interested in this show, please email me and I will make sure you get an invitation.

1) Some of my Sharks jewelry can be seen at the San Jose Arena. Currently you can see a pair of teal and black crystal earrings ($23). I also have been supplying teal and black stretch bracelets (not made by me).
2) Nevada City Crystal & Glass in the Sierra foothills near Grass Valley. This store has beautiful crystal and glass vases, glasses, etc. and Swarovski crystal figurines. My colorful crystal jewelry fits right in. (110 N. Pine St. • (530) 265-3325)